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1 - Designer website with details about your salon and services. The website is offered as a free service together with 15 giveaway pkgs- use this aspect and merely state that it is free.. potentials that take this without signing up, we are going to end up with these to join once we correspond using them to do their site. make use of this being a last measure..

2 - Online shop - Advertise designer handbags and shoes on the web and receive a commission from each sale! A reverse phone lookup is sure to produce a second income for you and your staff! - It is a popular service with this clients - We connect them to designer companies that provide a percentage away from every sale. for instance - we join and create a website for any salon called (salons r us) we'll make a website for this salon called and we'll affiliate them to our designer stores using a domain name such as www.salonsrus check this out example using one of our clients salons (Runway Trendz) and her online store affiliate is - the websites goes to an affiliate company that offers 10% profit for each sale and this is what our clients will earn.. We've over 200 different items that they can join. the very first you are free and then next the fee is $25 each.

3 - 15 Gift Packages - Every month give your clients a gift to show your appreciation of getting them as a client. We will offer you 15 gift packages monthly. Gift packages range from the following items:

Your Designer Magazine (Displaying items from your web store) and any other products they choose to join.,

Your shoe collection over a DVD - displaying A huge selection of designer shoes ( you'll receive a commission from each purchase.

(It functions!) DVD - Showing How lose inches off the body within Forty-five minutes

Creme of Nature oil treatment - Sample

The square - receive money easily - Accept Charge cards In your iPhone, iPad, or Android

Coupons with discounts - making sure your clients stay loyal and return around the next visit. We create the coupons with discounts how the client agrees to..


The gift packages that every of our own clients receives every month can be a method to say thank you to every client but it's also a method to advertise these products in your web store. It includes all of the following,

4 - Magazine/Portfolio - Get high ratings along with your clients - display their head of hair styles and up coming events in your very own salon portfolio/ Magazine. The store Magazine is easily the most attractive service we offer, clients like to see themselves in the magazine also to see their potential customers in it as well as their clients like it as well. The suggestions above services cost $29.99 monthly but with the added Magazine, the package costs $49.99 monthly. The magazine could have different hair-styles, items that they may be selling, personal and our affiliate products and programs, if their potential customers have items that they would like to advertise in the magazine or if perhaps they want to advertise their business they could charge them a little fee when they want. Their clients can also add their recipes or tourist destinations like clubs or perhaps the best places to dine.. This kind of salon to client interaction results in a family type setting that will turn their loyal clients into trusted advocates..

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